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Living through a divorce can be one of the most personally disruptive experiences a person can go through, even under the best of circumstances. It may be necessary, it may be the right thing to do, but that certainly does not make it an easy process. A divorce should not be viewed as a case to be “won”, but a family situation to be resolved. Every divorce can be resolved fairly, with justice, and with everyone’s best interests met as fully as possible. A complete resolution will address all issues relating to children such as placement and support, but also financial issues including division of property, debts and, if appropriate, continued spousal support.

Dan Gartzke has had the practical experience to know what is fair and just under the circumstances, and he has the skills to achieve a resolution that is both fair and just. That includes marshalling and understanding the facts, and then presenting them in a convincing manner, whether it is in the negotiating room or in court. Dan Gartzke has handled divorce cases in courts throughout southern Wisconsin—not only in Dane County (Madison) but also Green County (Monroe), Lafayette County (Darlington), Columbia County (Portage) and Iowa County (Dodgeville)—to name just a few.

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